Dear reader,

We at Bridges are very excited to announce the publication of the first issue of our new on-line magazine. This project is close to our hearts as it represents our faith in all things academic since they come from Christ. We want to thank all those who submitted their work in poetry, short fiction, reviews, and art. Our goal is to reach an ever-growing number of readers around the world while sharing our passion and seeking to integrate our faith into teaching and learning. We hope you enjoy this first issue and thank you for your support.

F. Poussin, Editor-in-Chief


“Christ is written everywhere, not only in the prophecies of the Old Testament but also in the pages of history and in the book of nature. It takes an educated mind to do the Church’s work of thinking about interpreting the world in light of Christ. Physics, sociology, French literary theory—in fact, everything you study in college—is bathed in the light of Christ. It takes the eyes of faith to see that light, and it takes and educated mind to understand and articulate it.”*

Stanley Hauerwas

Bridges, an online, non-profit magazine, aims to bring together researchers, educators, writers, and artists from the world over who share an interest in understanding how, as Hauerwas says, “Christ is written everywhere.” We seek submissions that represent diverse areas of knowledge, including literature, history, the visual arts, science, and creative writing.

*Special thanks go to Dr. Stanley Hauerwas for so graciously letting us use his words.

We appreciate our contributors and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or how we can improve.